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Restoring a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee (WJ)

Bringing one of the best Jeeps back to life.

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport in Graphite Metallic Clearcoat

Why save a Jeep WJ?

The WJ (1999 to 2004) Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the best Jeep's ever made.

How can this be? Better than a Wrangler? Yes, but there are few personal preferences involved.

  1. Powertrain
    • 4.0l Inline 6-cylinder engine is as durable as a tractor engine.
    • The 4-speed automatic is as basic as it gets.
    • The Selec-Trac four wheel drive system in incredibly durable.
  2. Styling
    • Modern, curvy SUV clothes over a tried and true durable platform.
    • Classic chrome grille, huge outside mirrors, and roof rack for more space.
    • Even today, it still looks better than most SUVs on the road.
  3. Cargo Space
    • It can swallow an entire love seat, 79 cu ft with seats down.
    • Interior space is usable, not obstructed with spare tires, speakers, etc.
    • JMore recent model Jeeps have gotten bigger, but offer less cargo space.
  4. Comfort
    • Cloth or leather, the seats are super comfy.
    • The ride is incredibly "Cadillac" for an SUV as it eats potholes.
    • AC and heat for the most extreme of climates and a huge cargo box for sleeping.
  5. Reliability & Repair
    • The powertrain (see above) is incredibly reliable.
    • Parts are abundant. There are plenty of "abused" WJ's in junkyards to pick parts from.
    • Anyone can pick up a WJ for a few grand saving many $$$$ over a brand new one that is less capable.

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